Monday, September 24, 2007


I have to ask the question...What the hell is wrong with us? We exist day in and day out surviving while small numbers of people control our lives so that theirs can appear better. Why do we emulate them...try to be like them? We'll never be like them. We CAN NEVER be like them because they don't want us to be like them. And yet we go on kissing their asses. Mothers that have to choose between feeding their child or paying the rent. Students that come out of college with debts so high they could pay off a mortgage. Grandmothers living on the god damn street because pensions don't pay enough to survive. Then there's the other side of the coin. The shiny side. The side where joe businessman sits high and mighty in his office chair plotting ways to squeeze the last penny from those grandmothers, those
"It's nothing personal, it's only business."
I say it is personal. When you walk into his office you shouldn't be preparing your reference letters hoping for that dream job where, you to can exploit people just like your hero the Donald. You should be walking in there with your rope and noose dishing out justice. Justice for every one of those innocent people he had to step on to get there.
George Orwell wrote the book nineteen eighty four. I urge you to get it, read it. live it, because you are indeed living it.In it he states that the men that hold the power, that 2% fear the middle and lower classes, since they are the ones to start the revolutions. The lower classes will never revolt on their own. Keep them buisy with all the vices life has to offer and they'll stay complaicent. The middle class, now they are the thinkers. They're the ones targeted by the marketing campaignes, the rymy little slogans, the jiffy peanut butter, anything to keep them comfortable and happy. Sure, they get to feel bad for the poor, being only one step above them, but it's that little bit of elevation that keeps them feeling just superior enough to choose their lot in life over revolution. over the possibility of having it toppled to the ground because 3/4 of the population cries for equality. Who the hell are they to risk my happiness just so they can have a shot at enjoying life. Believe that and when the revolution comes, you'll swing with the rest of them.
Orwell also wrote another book called animal farm. Like the animals on the farm, we revolted from our evil masters. We revolted, sung our songs, proclaimed our freedom and waved our flags, all the while that the pigs were taking charge. Raising their dog guards to keep us in line while they sell us, one by one to the glue factory. Boxer was a martyr.
You need to wake up people. You need to see who's running the show, and if you forget, turn on the idiot box and have a look because all of that crap is there to shut you up. Worship the Donald, bow at the foot of Oprah, or be their slaves. You are guaranteed one right. The right to exist of your own volition. To not have your every thought, belief action controlled by these men. The same men with the strings attched to their fingers that they gently tug to make Bush's limbs jump.
Well its time. It's time to step out of this dream because it's a lie. A lie told to you by generations of the wealthiest families in the world to keep you in line. Cause if you're going to work every day, paying taxes on your pay cheque, then paying them again at the end of the year, Giving everything your body and mind's got for enough money to keep you in ipods and vallium, while you try and forget that just down the street from your manicured lawn there's a 10 year old boy selling his ass to one of the morally bankrupt sleeze that put him there in the first place.
You need to wake up. There's a revolution and if you're not going to be a part of it with the rest of the prols, then you're 'iner party' and that means you can go down with them. If you're ipods and vallium mean more to you than the life of the grandmother living in a cardboard box then you too deserve to have it taken away from you.
There's a revolution comming. The word is spreading. The prols won't take it. We're tired of being poor and controlled. We won't buy your jiffy, or your basking freaking robins.
Spread the word. Get people angry. Remember, sheep have 2 modes, graze and stampeed. lets get them running. Spread the word and tell everyone there's a revolution comming, and years from now, when the dust settles and we've brought down the pigs, you can tell your children that you were there. that you made a change.


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