Tuesday, February 27, 2007

To Catch a Perverted Justice

For fans of the show, "To catch a predator', and think what they're doing is good, maybe you need to take some time and think about it.


The police are doing all of the catching, It's MSNBC that's capitalizing on it playing vigilante. Is it good or bad? Unfortunately, it's hard to see the line in the sand unless it gets drawn in bright yellow spraypaint. Initially, perverted justice is a group of internet cops dedicated to capturing online predators after our children...sounds good so far...The police set up a sting with a 'decoy' to facilitate capture...again no problem... Then Chris Hanson pops out, putting the person on natinal TV, destroying their lives, jobs, families, future, and life...woah, hold on a minute. Isn't this a bit of Vigilanteism? Why yes it is, and in fact there's already the suicide of a District Atourney to prove it. God only knows how many others there are since Dateline doesn't show that far ahead.
The fact is, that this show does harm. It took one human being's life, ruined the lives of hundreds, and put the lives of millions of kids in jeopardy. These sick men are killing themselves. And why not, they have nothing left to live for? Even if they don't, and the go through the prison system, what reason do they have to seek help? Remember, they will get out someday. average sentence for their crime is 2 years. These men are comming out more dangerous, and better educated on how to get away with their crime. Worst of all, they've got nothing to strive for, not even redemption, since we all know their faces, why should they bother? People with nothing to live for also have nothing to fear. In fact, we're creating a whole new breed of predator. One that is to smart to get caught. One who is not just intent on having their way with our children, rather one that plans on NEVER GETTING CAUGHT, AT ANY COST. Even if that includes a young child's life.

I could go on spouting all sorts of propaganda here, but there's a message section to the site where you can read mine, and others posts.


For every pathetic individual that gets caught by the show, how many evil, twisted, violent individuals learn from it? Many of the people you catch aren't very bright. Imagine what the intellectual Jeffrey Dahmer types are getting out of it?Food for thought...


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