Monday, February 26, 2007

The state of lies

Wow. This time it’s real, undeniable and right in our faces. Islands are sinking, storms, like the world has never seen before are brewing, and the planet is falling into chaos, and yet the men who hold the power would have us believe that it’s all an illusion. That we are in fact innocent of the crime of planetary destruction.,,2004399,00.html

I suppose that, as the saying goes, “you can produce any study to prove anything you want” holds true, so somebody will come out with something that these lowlifes can use as ammunition in the halls of government. Of all the gall. Of all the unmitigated, unscrupulous, deeply selfish acts, these people have an adjenda. It’s to sell you the fossil fuels that started this mess in the first place, and this study means that, someday soon, someone will be looking at them to stop making money. I suppose $10,000 is a small price to pay to keep the shareholders happy. Now it’s no surprise that these companies have ties to the Bush administration, so you’ll understand why G.W. hasn’t jumped on the ‘lets clean it up’ bandwagon just yet. Why should he, he just made a war over OIL, the one goodie that can be held fully accountable for the destruction. Think of the scandal should the world develop technology the removes the need for oil, then bans it’s use. The Iraqi war would then be a hell of a lot less profitable, would it not? No worries Exxon. Not while old George is on the case.

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