Sunday, September 2, 2007

Zeitgeist teaches, and I a student

I finally had the opportunity to watch the movie Zeitgeist. It truly was an eye opener. I learned that there are those out there that use the truth to improve their own lives at the cost of others. I learned that if I want to enjoy life, then I need to become one of them. As distasteful as this sounds, I need to become one of those that are willing to step over others to get what I need. False flag, terrorism, linked to al-queda are all terms that need to be linked to my vocabulary.

The biggest thing I learned what that I am the biggest threat to these people because of what I They currently have two choices, make me like them, or crush me into oblivion. I suggest they consider their options closely since I will not fall willingly. I intend on doing as much damage on the way down as possible. So that leaves option one. Can I be turned to the dark side? We'll have to see. I do say this, that the offers better be damn good because tromping on the already downtrodden does not seem appealing to me. To turn a blind eye, that's a moral decision I need to make when it happens.

So make your offer men of power, or make your move, and we'll see what the future brings.


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